McIntyre Announces Almost $370 Million for North Carolina Bases

Washington, D.C. -- U.S. Representative Mike McIntyre, senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, announced today almost $370 million in military construction projects in North Carolina.  Last night, the committee approved the 2014 Defense Authorization bill.

Congressman McIntyre stated, “The Defense Authorization Bill for 2014 bill strengthens our national defense, supports North Carolina military bases, and makes key investments in ensuring our servicemen and women have the tools they need to do their job.  Ensuring our national security is a top priority for me, and this bill is a very positive step forward.”

North Carolina Military Construction Funding includes ($369.704 Million):

Fort Bragg-- $ 202.465 million
Command and Control Facility --$5.9 million
Army Reserve Center -- $24.5 million
Consolidate/replace Pope Holbrook Elementary - $37.032 million
Special Operations Forces (SOF) Civil Affairs Battalion Annex --$37.689 million
SOF Combat Medic Skills Building -- $7.6 million
SOF Engineer Training Facility -- $10.419 million
SOF Language and Cultural Center -- $64.606 million
SOF Upgrade Training Facility -- $14.719 million 
Camp Lejeune -- $ 121.376 million
Landfill -- $20.795 million
Operations Training Complex -- $22.515 million
Steam Decentralization – BEQ Nodes/Camp Johnson/Hadnot Point -- $34.689 million
SOF Performance Resiliency Center -- $14.4 million
SOF Sustainment Training Complex -- $28.977 million
New River- $45.863 million
CH-53K Maintenance Training Facility -- $13.218 million
Corrosion Control Hangar -- $12.547 million
Regional Communication Station -- $20.098 million

General highlights of the defense bill include:

The Committee passed the bill that would:

  • authorize $526.6 billion for the Defense Department and national security programs and $88.5 billion for overseas contingency operations;
  • authorize an across-the-board pay raise of 1.7 percent for military personnel;
  • Pay Raise for Troops: Supports current law, which allows for a 1.8% pay raise;
  • Extends bonuses and special and incentive pays for Reserve forces, health care professionals, and nuclear officers for one year;
  • Extends authority to temporarily increase the rate of basic allowance for housing in areas affected by natural disasters or experiencing a sudden influx of personnel for one year;
  • Authorizes the end strength for Active Duty personnel of the Armed Forces (520,000 for Army, 323,600 for Navy, 190,200 for Marine Corps and 327,600 for Air Force);
  • Rejects DoD proposal to increase TRlCARE Prime enrollment fees, pharmacy co-pays, and to establish an enrollment fee for TRlCARE for Life and TRICARE Standard; and
  • Requires a minimum of 180 days notification for deployment of reservists.
  • Specifically, in regard to sexual assault, the bill:
  • Removes the command prerogative and sole discretion of the court-martial convening authority with regard to the findings and sentence of a court-martial, and prohibits the convening authority from dismissing a finding, or from reducing a guilty finding to guilty of a lesser-included offense, except for minor offenses, and established mandatory minimum sentencing;
  • Eliminates the five-year statute of limitations on trial by court-martial for sexual assault and sexual assault of a child;
  • Establishes discharge or dismissal for certain sex-related offenses and trial of offenses by general courts-martial;
  • Authorizes Service Secretaries to provide guidance for commanders regarding authority for temporary reassignment or removal of an individual from a position of authority who is alleged to have committed a sexual assault or other sex-related offense under section 920, 920a, 920b or 920c of title 10, United States Code, and includes information on the use of such authority as part of training for new and prospective commanders;
  • Requires Victims' Counsels, who would be qualified and specially trained lawyers in each of the Armed Forces, to be made available to provide legal assistance to victims of sex-related offenses, which include rape and sexual assault, stalking, and rape and sexual assault of a child;
  • Requires the Secretary of Defense to develop uniform curriculum, to include lesson plans, to ensure that sexual assault prevention and response training and education for members of the Armed Forces are uniform across the Department of Defense;
  • Requires Secretary of Defense to assess the current role and authorities of commanders in the administration of military justice and the investigation, prosecution, and adjudication of offenses under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and report on whether the role and authorities of commanders should be further modified or repealed;
  • Requires GAO to review the implementation of the recommendations that were made by the Air Force review to prevent sexual misconduct at Lackland Air Force Base and other basic and technical training facilities;
  • Establishes compliance requirements for organizational climate assessments that were required in last year’s sexual assault prevention and response program in last year’s bill;
  • Requires Service Secretaries to issue regulations to provide for timely determination and action on an application for consideration of a change of station or unit transfer submitted by a member of the Armed Forces serving on Active Duty who is a victim of sexual assault;
  • Adds rape, sexual assault, or other sexual misconduct to the protected communications of members of the Armed Forces with Members of Congress or an Inspector General;
  • Requires the Secretary of Defense to review the practices of military criminal investigative organizations regarding the investigation of alleged sex-related offenses involving members of the Armed Forces;
  • Requires the Secretary of Defense to establish qualifications for members of the Armed Forces or civilian employees for assignment to duty as Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Program Managers, Sexual Assault Response Coordinators, and Sexual Assault Victim Advocates.