Make it in America

As the U.S. economy continues along the path of recovery, we must work to protect jobs at home and ensure that American businesses are competitive in the global economy.

Along with my colleagues in Congress, I am fighting to help small businesses and American manufacturers create jobs here in the U.S and “Make it in America.” “Make it in America” is a special initiative in Congress to create American jobs and prevent those jobs from being outsourced overseas. We must get our country moving again, put our manufacturing base and North Carolinians back to work, and prepare for the jobs of tomorrow.

The “Make it in America” initiative has included: creating good American jobs, providing the lowest taxes in 60 years for the middle class and small businesses, and closing tax loopholes that send jobs overseas. We must make certain that we are doing all we can to ensure that we can re-ignite our manufacturing base and “Make It in America.”

As a part of the “Make it in America” initiative, I have supported a number of pieces of legislation:

  • The U.S. Manufacturing Enhancement Act of 2010 contains hundreds of tariff suspensions and reductions which would help American companies grow and support further job creation.
  • The National Manufacturing Strategy Act creates a Manufacturing Strategy Board that will develop short- and long-term goals for America’s manufacturing industry.
  • The Clean Energy Technology Manufacturing and Export Assistance Act supports our clean American energy economy by making it easier for companies to navigate foreign markets and promoting investments and reducing production costs for these companies.
  • The Emergency Trade Deficit Commission will develop trade policies so that we no longer import more than we export.
  • The Strengthening Employment Clusters to Organize Regional Success Act (SECTORS) will help address local skills shortages by bringing employers in key industries together with education, labor, workforce, and other groups to identify and provide training tailored to meet the sector needs of that region’s economy.
In addition, there are federal resources to help American businesses export their products to other countries. The local U.S. Export Assistance Center in Charlotte (704-333-4886) is available to provide assistance to businesses in Southeastern North Carolina. You can also access a more comprehensive list of resources on my website by clicking the button under resources.