Survey and Statement on Government Shutdown

The government has now been shutdown for a week-- it should not be closed! But once again, both parties have raced each other to the edge of the cliff. This is no way to govern-- talking past each other and not to each other. It is time to stop negotiating under the cloud of constant crisis. 

This is no time for political posturing. Both parties need to come together to find a bi-partisan solution that will re-open our government, return people to work, and enact long-term solutions to our nation’s fiscal challenge

I am working in Congress with a group called NO LABELS (100 Republicans, Democrats, and Independents) who leave our party labels at the door and want to reach across the aisle and get solutions! Our group has been in constant communication the last few days and is working to find a solution to have the government re-open so that we can address, in a bi-partisan way, the challenges our nation faces. It is time for a ceasefire, and it is past time for certainty for our citizens, families, businesses, and communities.

Should Congress pass a “clean” budget that will fund and
re-open the government immediately?
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